Corporate Event - Angel Wong Chui Ling

A snapshot with Angel Wong Chui-ling (Chinese: 王翠玲) or better known as Chui Ling to her many fans is a Hong Kong-born Malaysia-based TV and radio personality, host and columnist.

Lawyer Khoo(LEFT) and Angel Wong Chui Ling (RIGHT),TV and radio personality, host and columnist.
Angel Wong Chui Ling (LEFT),TV and radio personality, host and columnist and Lawyer Ng Kee Way(RIGHT)

Angel Wong Chui-ling (Chinese: 王翠玲) or better known as Chui Ling to her many fans is a Hong Kong-born Malaysia-based TV and radio personality, host and columnist.

In her earlier days, Chui Ling hosted the popular On The Beat TV programme – a weekly variety info and entertainment show. She later co-hosted the daily morning show on WAFM, a Malaysian Chinese radio station, before moving on to Astro’s MYFM 101.8 where she had a daily 5-minute segment called Chui Ling’s Drivetime Mall. She then became part of the founding presenter team for Melody FM103, helming their breakfast show, Morning Boss, for 5 years, before moving on to do her own thing.

She is also a frequent host of Astro Wah Lai Toi programmes (the country’s satellite station’s premier Chinese channel) and annually hosts the feng shui-inspired Feng Shui Voyage and Walking the Dragons with Joey Yap. She is also well known for the extremely popular food programmes, Recipes, with Love, Menu Please and One Day Five Meals, as well as Ladies Sdn Bhd and Tohoku Travel Blog by HK-TVB. She has two publications to her name, too.

Besides TV and running her own boutique media and production agency, Chui Ling is also a popular choice for emcee at numerous and various ground events ranging from product launches and annual dinners to sports commentating in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and even, Thailand.

The busy lady has recently launched a series of public speaking workshops too. Through Speak Up with Chui Ling, she aims to share the secrets of her success with those interested in an entertainment career or those who just want to better their public speaking skills.

These days, Chui Ling juggles her time between her public engagements, speaking and training engagements, media agency and her postnatal care business, 28 Days Academy. She was also instrumental in the formation of the Malaysian Postpartum Care Association and serves as honorary advisor.


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