How Stateless Children acquire citizenship?

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Statelessness – What is BSK? What is loss of IC? What is loss of citizenship?

Recently, a lot of people asked me about their children who couldn’t do IC when they were 12 years old, or the child’s birth certificate was confiscated by JPN, and then the two of the couple were called by JPN officials to interrogate and take a statement , and then Mr. / Mrs. may be charged in court and fined by the court and so on.

All the above are all happening in JPN BSK (Bahagian Siasatan dan Penguatkuasaan). This BSK is an investigation department in the National Registration Bureau (JPN). The powers include investigating the illegal operations of the staff in the National Registration Bureau, as well as some false and suspicious birth certificates, especially those 12 years ago where because the adoptive parents wanted to get the child, so they listened to some agent to find the child, and then “adopt” the child as a child born by themself, the agent will help to issue a birth certificate and directly put the couple own name on it as if the child was born by themselves. Of course now we know that this is a false declaration and is against the law.

When these children were 12 years old, which is the time to do IC, because of their skin color, eyes, ears, lips and other aspects are different from their parents, which led to JPN IC department officials to blacklist their IC on the spot and refer this case to go BSK department to investigate.

Although many parents know that this matter may happen, after all, they have seen the cases of many friends around them, but they still have a fluke mentality and think that they will be able to pass the test, but it often backfires. When their children experience such a thing in JPN, it is too late to regret.

So what to do if something like this happens? We know that many children are stateless since they were young. They started to apply for citizenship since they were young. Unlike this type of children who were not stateless before the age of 12, they suddenly became stateless for no reason after the age of 12.

When such a case occurs, the next thing to do is for the parents to cooperate with BSK officials to complete the investigation procedure. What is the investigation procedure? As I said at the beginning,  cooperate with the investigation to get a statement and was charged in court. So, after that what’s next?

After that, the child will lose citizenship, lose the opportunity to apply for IC, and lose the birth certificate. After the child was 12 years old, he suddenly lost his citizenship and IC. What the child finally got was a birth certificate of stateless (BUKAN WARGANEGARA), and the names of the parents in the parent column were also taken out by the JPN.

So what can parents do? Many parents feel that they have harmed their children. But what they can do is to put the parents’ names back into the birth certificate through the court process, and then apply for the 15A citizenship application.

My personal advice is, if you have relatives and friends who have similar situations and have not yet done IC, please tell them not to take chances and try to pass the test in JPN. Because JPN officials are very professional in this area. 

If you have experienced similar incidents and JPN issued “bukan warganegara”‘s birth certificate, you also need to understand the procedure and method of applying for citizenship.

Whether you have experienced or have not experienced similar cases, I personally think that parents should consult an experienced lawyer in this area to find a good solution.

That concludes my sharing today, thank you for your time.


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