Malaysia Citizenship Matter

Have you ever seen before a red colour birth certificate with the wording “bukan wargenegara”? It means that the one with this certificate is not a citizenship of Malaysia. How these situations arise?

1)When the foreigner wife give birth in Malaysia.

This is happened when a local man before manage to register the marriage with the foreigner wife such as china wife, Vietnamese, the wife who give birth in Malaysia. Later when the local man register the marriage with the foreign wife, the citizenship of the child is still remain as non-citizen. This is because when the child was borne, the marriage is not registered between the husband and wife.

2)Unknown “baby”

There are some couples who are incapable to give birth and they actually adopt (buy) other people “child” as their own child. The child was considered as citizen by that time with the name of the father and mother name in the birth certificate. When the child reach the age of 12 years old whereby by the time he/she is qualified to make identity card, the child due to his/her appearance look differ from the parents, the child’s identity is then suspected. The JPN will then forfeit his/her birth certificate and issue he/she a new birth certificate with the wording of non-citizen.

A lot of clients asked us whether adoption can change the citizenship of the child, the answer is cannot.
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