Misunderstanding of stateless children turning into Malaysian.

Some of us Chinese have a bad habit, which is like to listen to rumour. Many people will tell the parents of stateless children that you only need to adopt the children, which means that the child who now has a stateless birth certificate, only need to go through the adoption then the child will automatically become Malaysian citizens. The plan can be adoption by the court or adoption by the National Registration Office. I want to tell everyone that this will not work.

After adopting a children who is a non-citizen, this will not make the non-citizen become a Malaysian citizen. Because our Malaysian law does not state that once non-citizen or stateless children are adopted by Malaysian parents, they will automatically have Malaysian citizenship. This is definitely not correct, this is definitely rumour. So I would like to ask everyone to pay attention, do not do this plan, if you want to know more about this aspect of legal knowledge, please email or Whatsapp to contact us, thank you.


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