Received Summon (Writ Summon & Pernyataan Tuntutan) from Tenaga Nasional Berhad(TNB)?

Do you receive a Writ Summon (Writ Saman and Pernyataan Tuntutan) from Tenaga Nasional Berhad(TNB) mentioning that you have tempered the electricity metre of your premise? Then your next response might be as follows:

(a) I (landlord) rent this premise out to the tenant, i am not using the premise for claimed period;
(b) I (ex-owner) sold the premise long time ago to the new owner, I have forgot to change the account name registered with TNB to the new owner;
(c) I (owner) no idea what is tempering meter

Then later you check the summon, you get shocked, and you found out the claim sum is huge (can be from RM 10,000 to RM500, 000), and you worry and do not know what to do. You start asking the lawyers around you and all of them tell you no defence and you just have to go negotiate with TNB to ask for discount. When you go TNB, the most discount they can give is 20% and they ignore your valid explanation.

Don’t feel disappointed, as this is fact all my clients undergone. I have successfully defended my clients. When you received a summon from TNB, first always LOOK for a RIGHT lawyer (if you got summon from TNB and you look for a lawyer do sale and purchase agreement, how that lawyer is going to help you?) 

Second, prepare all the relevant documents whereby can prove your innocence (normally I will advise my client what to bring and prepare).

Third, stay cool and calm. This is very difficult as client always panic and feel helpless. When you engage a lawyer, trust the lawyer and let the lawyer handle the case for you as you do not have any ideas to read the graphs, calculations method of TNB (error methods, average method and so on).

Feel helpless? Doubt? Call and make appointment with us

BY Lawyer Khoo, P.J.K. (NSDK)


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