Review about Child Adoption in Malaysia

In Malaysia, there are two types of child adoption. They are:-

  • Adoption by way of Court;
  • Adoption in JPN Counter 

Adoption In Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara

Adoption can be done in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara(JPN). The following criterias must be followed:-

Eligibility for Children

i.  Never been married.

ii. He/ She is below 18 years old and a resident of Peninsular Malaysia.

iii. Have been in the care and custody and education of a spouse or spouse, as their child or their own child for at least two consecutive years prior to the adoption registration.

iv. The child can citizen or non-citizen of Malaysia

v. Children have identification documents (Birth Certificate / Identity Card / Passport / Entry Permit for foreign nationals / and visa must be valid for two years).

Eligibility of Applicant

  1. One adoptive parent (husband / wife) or single adoptive parent or must be citizen of Malaysia or Permanent Resident of Malaysia;
  2. The adoptive parents or single adoptive parents must be 25 years old and above and 18 years older than the adoptive child
  3. Married couples have valid Marriage Documents;
  4. Obtain parental consent from a biological parent or a single parent. In the absence of the consent of the biological parent or single parent the adoption can still be enforced through a court order or a social report from the Department of Social Welfare.
  5. Applications must be submitted to the NRD (Peninsular Malaysia only) in the area of residing adoptive parents

After the adoption done, the JPN will issue a CERTIFICATE OF ADOPTION.  Bear in mind what why we do not call it as birth certificate as adoption done by way of counter in JPN, does not issue birth certificate. It will shows that the child is adopted and it means where the kid grow older, the kid one day will know he or she is the adopted child.

Adoption by way of Court Order

Applicants who wish to register for adoption by court order must apply through a Law Firm appointed by the adoptive parent Applications.

What make different adoption by way of Court Order from adoption in JPN

  1. The birth certificate will be issued instead of certificate of adoption. Example:-

The birth certificate issued will not have the wording “anak angkat” and it looks exactly like normal birth certificate

  1. No need consent from biological parents. It is suitable when some biological parents went missing and could not be located
  2. The adopted kid will not know their biological parents and they will not know they are adopted as the birth certificate show nothing.

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