The Importance of registration for new-born child

The topic I want to share with you today is registering new-born children. As we all know, after a child is born, parents will take it to the National Registration Bureau, which we call (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) JPN to register the birth. But do you know the importance of this registered birth? Just think about it, if you have not registered a birth, will there be a Malaysian birth certificate and MyKid? If these documents are not available, can the children enjoy the rights and interests of Malaysian citizenship? Then think about it, after the child grows up, will there be any problems in life or any work? Are there any problems in register for studying? So this is all about citizenship, and this is the importance of the registered birth.

Malaysian law stipulates that once a child is born, the child must be taken to the National Registration Bureau to register the birth within 60 days from the day of birth. The registration is called  “Daftar Baru Kelahiran”. If you do not register your child for birth within 60 days, and you register the child more than 60 days later, it is called “Daftar Lewat Kelahiran”, which means late birth registration. In this case, there are various procedures and some complicated procedures that need to be dealt with, because the government needs to confirm the baby is really your child, and why it takes so long to register, so the procedures are more complicated. I have also seen these problems, so if possible, parents must know that they must register their children within 60 days of their birth.

If the mother of that child is a foreigner and the father is a local, they give birth to the child without registration of their marriage. At that time, the National Registration Bureau would look at the mother’s nationality. If the mother is not Malaysian, then the child must be a non-citizen after the birth, because he is a stateless child as the parents are not officially married. Therefore, he (the child) cannot become a citizen of Malaysia. The last thing I want to advise everyone is if you have a foreign partner, it is best to give birth to your child after you have registered to avoid these nationality problems and unnecessary troubles. Thank you everyone, that’s all for today.

BY Lawyer Ng Kee Way, P.J.K. (NSDK) 


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