Children or dignity? Custody dispute 2

Today is the tenth day that Malaysia has entered the movement control order. As before, I wake up in the morning and cook a breakfast, and then I start my work day (Work From Home). Suddenly my mobile phone rang and I saw a message from my customer. My customer is referred to as Miss A.

Miss A and her husband have been married for four years and have a daughter. Under the same roof, they worked hard to raise this daughter, but Miss A’s husband is a very suspicious person. And because Ms. A is working in the service industry, she often has to contact and meet with all kinds of people.

Her very suspicious husband would even follow her during her work to see if she had contact with other men, which caused a lot of trouble to Miss A. So after Miss A went home, she sat down with her husband to talk about their problems. But his husband didn’t think this was a problem, and emphasized that he had done nothing wrong. As time passed, the contradiction between the two became more and more serious. Miss A could no longer bear her husband’s inability to believe in herself, so she decided to run away from home.

In fact, after they got married, Miss A always took care of her daughter. But after the marriage, her husband began to complain and did not want to look for work outside. When there was no alternative, Miss A went out to work, carrying the livelihood of a family alone. Their daughter is four years old this year, and her daughter also likes Miss A very much. The day when Miss A decided to run away from home, Miss A was going to take her daughter away, but his husband threatened him that if she took her daughter away, he would deal with them. So Miss A was forced to leave her daughter to her husband. Perhaps many people will say that Miss A should take her daughter away under such circumstances, but I want to say that her situation is not something we can express in words.

Soon after, Miss A came to my law firm and hired us to help her fight for her daughter’s custody. Her case was originally due to be judged on March 24, but Malaysia’s movement control order delayed its case. The day before the movement control order (March 17), Miss A received a call from her husband, asking her to take care of her daughter because her daughter was sick. Miss A was very worried when she received the call, and she agreed to her husband immediately, saying that she would take care of her daughter. She immediately drove to her husband’s house and picked her daughter home to take care of her. Miss A originally thought that she could spend family happiness with her daughter. But no one knew that this was the beginning of a nightmare. Her husband would call to harass Miss A almost every hour and always asked Miss A to take pictures of her and her daughter to show him. He even asked Miss Xu to take photos of his daughter going to the bathroom, otherwise her husband would come and deal with them.

On the first day of the movement control order, I received a call from Miss A. The husband asked her to take pictures of his daughter going to the bathroom. Miss A thinks this is a very unreasonable request. At the same time, I also received a call from Miss A husband’s lawyer. What’s even more ridiculous is that his husband’s lawyer also thinks that this is a normal thing, and he wants me to cooperate with him. In a fit of anger, I wrote a three-page letter to his husband’s lawyer. The content includes that my customer, Miss A, will never do anything dangerous to her daughter. Second, it is now during the movement control period, her husband should not walk around, and this may bring the virus to his daughter. If the husband does not follow this instruction, I will tell the court the problem and let the court decide.

His lawyer knew that he would face a loss if he continued, so he had to compromise with us. I always wanted to ask her husband personally, do you want your daughter to have a good life, or do you think your dignity is more important? I told myself that I would definitely win the custody of her daughter for Miss A. As for the other party’s unreasonable lawyer, COME ON!

BY Lawyer KHOO, P.J.K. (NSDK) 


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