Family Law
(Divorce & Child Custody)

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It is not always to handle a family law case, as what our lawyer said “come to family law, 50% is the law and 50% is the humanity”. Family law is much more different from other areas of law as there is no documents can be based on other than marriage certificate, birth certificate and so on. To secure the best interest of the client and to win the case the case, we need to understand the client actual need and situation.

Family Law & Alternative Dispute Resolution



  • Children’s maintenance
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Division of Matrimonial Assets

Injunctive Reliefs

  • Prevent Dissipation of Assets
  • Protection Orders

Cross-Border Family Disputes

  • International Divorce
  • Injunction to Restrain Removal of Child/transfer of matrimonial assets
  • Leave to Remove Child
  • Applications to Return Child

Our experience

  • Filing unilateral divorce
  • Filing mutual divorce
  • Tracing back the property transferred by the spouse to avoid the division of matrimonial assets
  • Securing the children custody
  • File a suit against third party (co-respondent) to claim for damages by causing breakdown of the marriage
  • Getting interim injunction to ask the spouse to pay the wife maintenance and child maintenance while case is running at court
  • Getting permanent injunction to stop abusive spouse from nearing the clients


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