Is divorce difficult? Is divorce really a relief?

Read carefully for those who have a happy marriage

Is divorce difficult?

Divorce is not difficult for our lawyers. Divorce is a procedure for us, a legal provision. For a divorce, the difficult part is emotion, the difficult part is letting go, and the experience.

I will share an unforgettable divorce case that I have dealt in the past. On last year which I remember vividly, a woman came to my law firm and asked us to file a divorce for her. This particular women has been married for more than 10 years and have 3 children. The husband is the chairman of the company, and he pays his wife’s living expenses, children’s education expenses, food, clothing, housing and transportation. However, the wife still insist to file for divorce. The wife said that her husband did give her life needs, but she couldn’t satisfy her spiritual needs. My husband is playing on his mobile phone and watching TV every day when he goes home, and has no communication with her. She tried to save her marriage and ask her husband to hang out with her and even participate in a lot of activities, but her husband always excuses his wife and saying that he has no time. The husband collapsed when the wife told him that she wants to divorce because the husband didn’t expect that the marriage which even friends and relatives were optimistic about would end up in divorce. Husband can’t let go this years of feelings, emotions, and experiences, but the wife has let go long time ago already.

At the moment when the divorce document was signed, the husband was very sad, but he understood that it was a relief for his wife. Because of love, he choose to let go and wish her ex-wife a bright future. For the wife, the child is always her treasure, but just another way to take care of the child with her husband.

Divorce is not difficult, but it is indeed difficult to let go years of relationship.

Lawyer Khoo, P.J.K. (NSDK)


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