Divorce & Child Custody


欢迎收看大法律小智慧 我是邱律师 在马来西亚如何快速离婚呢 今天我要跟你们谈谈10个贴士 在马来西亚如果要快速离婚的话 那么你需要做好什么样的准备功夫 第一你必须确认离婚的理由 通常离婚的理由可以决定离婚的模式 离婚的理由通常是 双方面不想继续婚姻 另一半不知所踪 分开超过两年出轨等等 第二了解适合你的离婚模式 比如说 你想要单方面离婚还是双方面离婚 双方面离婚 指的就是双方夫妻同意离婚 而单方面只是一方同意离婚 而另一方不同意离婚 所以你必须了解自己的状况 来决定离婚的模式 第三孩子的抚养权 当一段的婚姻有孩子的时候 你必须要决定孩子的抚养权 双方可以共同拥有孩子的抚养权 还是你只要单方面的抚养权 双方抚养权简单来说 就是说双方可以一起决定孩子的前程 而单方面的抚养权 就是一方可以决定孩子的前程 第四孩子的赡养费...

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Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreement is an agreement or a contract entered prior to a marriage. It is also known as antenuptial agreement or premarital agreement. The substance of the prenup may vary extensively...

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What is Judicial Separation?

Judicial Separation If you do not want to get divorce, but want to live separately with your husband and do no want to fulfill the marital obligation then you may opt...

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Annulment of Marriage

Malaysia marriage is governed by the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976. The Law Reform Act (LRA) governs non-Muslim marriage...

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Overseas Marriage Divorce

Welcome to our “Guardian of the Law”, this is Lawyer Khoo. Okay, I will share with you some topic about divorce today. Do you have any friends around you or are...

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Malaysia Divorce Top 10 FAQ

Does a couple need to separate for more than two years before they can apply for a divorce? Actually, there is no need to. In a joint petition, as long as...

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Is divorce difficult and is a relief?

Read carefully for those who have a happy marriage. Is divorce difficult?Divorce is not difficult for our lawyers. Divorce is a procedure for us, a legal provision. For a divorce, the...

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