Diary of Divorce Lawyer (1)

Customer: “Lawyer Khoo, I want to divorce my husband!”
Lawyer Khoo: “Why?”
Customer: “I found out my husband is having an affair”
Lawyer Khoo: “Then are you willing to take legal action?”
Customer: “I’ll think about it…but I want to get what I deserve, but I’m afraid of going through the legal process…”
Lawyer Khoo: “I’m sorry, I can’t help you…”

That’s what the average client I’ve encountered often wants to get what she thinks she wants, but is afraid of going through the legal process. As lawyers, we can only be advisors to our clients, but we cannot make any decisions for our clients. Sometimes I advise clients to be patient because divorce is a legal process. Sometimes, customers who have watched a lot of Hong Kong dramas will tell us why the procedure is so different from Hong Kong dramas? They even keep asking us why her case can’t be brought to court. Are our lawyers lazy? In fact, there is a difference between Hong Kong drama and reality. Is it difficult for a Hong Kong drama to film those boring scenes where lawyers have been busy preparing documents? There is no such thing as a free lunch, and if customers want to get what they want, they have to follow the legal process.

In fact, it is not difficult to divorce, but things that are not easy to deal is the the customer’s emotion, because once there is no more love in a marriage, there will only be hatred. How many people can choose to let go of each other because of their dissatisfaction with their marriage? I often receive calls from clients in the middle of the night when I help clients with divorce cases, saying they are aggrieved, and sometimes clients even cry. In fact, I understand the client’s mood very well, but as a lawyer, I know very well that appease the client’s mood is not very helpful to the case, on the contrary, it is more useful to work hard to prepare legal documents for the case. However, clients do not want rational answers. They want lawyers to be in the same mood as them. Once we are not in the same mood as them, clients will think that lawyers do not understand their situation.

In fact, a good lawyer cannot be affected by emotions, and then take legal action for the client. Maybe I’m not the best emotional coordinator, but it’s my mission to work for my clients’ divorce lawsuits.

Lawyer Khoo


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