Custody dispute happened 5 years ago

I have worked very hard to help my customer fight back the custody of her children. It happened in a court in Ipoh five years ago. The customer has been married for about five years. During these five years, she gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl. The daughter is the eldest daughter, and the boy is the younger son.

The younger son has always had a very good relationship with his mother, but a very bad relationship with his father. As for the relationship between the eldest daughter and the mother, the relationship between the daughter and the father is very good. The main reason is that his father often let his eldest daughter play video games without urging her to study, and his daughter also likes this freedom. On the contrary, the mother urged her to study hard all day long, and it became one of the reasons why her daughter did not like her mother.

I represented my wife, so I asked my client: “In this case, do you want to fight for the custody of your daughter?” She did not hesitate to say to me that she must fight for the custody of that daughter. She said that she gave birth to this daughter and she hoped that she would have a good life in the future. And she knew that if her daughter followed her father, her future would be ruined, mainly because the father would not teach her anything.

Her words touched me inexplicably. So I told my customers that I would try to get her daughter back to her anyway. On that day in court, when the judge asked the eldest daughter, who would she want to talk to? The eldest daughter said without hesitation that she wanted to follow her father, while the younger son told the judge without hesitation that he wanted to follow his mother.

After the child has expressed his wishes, it is time to test the skill of the lawyer. I told the judge:

First, the advantage of a daughter following her mother is that the daughter itself is a daughter, and the mother is more suitable to take care of, and the daughter grows up to go through the puberty period, and the mother is definitely more suitable to take care of this daughter.

Second, the mother has a good educational background, which allows her to be a role model for her family, and she is more willing to spend time educating her children. And I also persuaded the judge’s eldest daughter to dislike her mother because of her mother’s harsh teaching.

Third, in the Marriage Law, as long as the child is less than seven years old, all custody rights should be given to the mother, unless the mother has a tendency to abuse the child, in which case the court will not award the child to the mother.

Using the above three arguments, I managed to win the custody of both children for this mother. At the beginning of March this year, I met this mother again, and then saw both her sons and daughters again. What makes me feel relieved is that my daughter’s attitude is different from the past. Her daughter has become polite and her grades are not bad. When she sees me, she will call me “sister”.

If I didn’t work hard to help the mother win custody of the child, what would this daughter be like today? This again makes me think that the job of a lawyer is very meaningful, because as long as you feel that it is right, and work hard to do it, it will really change the lives of others.



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