Intellectual Property

What is Trademark 101

The Malaysian Trademarks Act aims to protect the rights of trademark owners and ensure that consumers can accurately identify the source of products or services. A trademark is defined as any sign used to distinguish the source of goods or services, such as names, logos, letters, numbers, or combinations thereof. The law establishes the registration procedure and protection measures for trademarks, as well as penalties and remedies for trademark infringement. Through trademark registration, trademark owners acquire exclusive rights to their trademarks, preventing others from using similar or identical trademarks in the same category. The Malaysian Trademarks Act aims to promote fair competition and innovation, maintain market order, and provide effective legal protection for trademark owners and consumers.

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Infringement of Trademark

Infringement of Trademark
Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark or a similar mark in a way that is likely to cause confusion, deception, or mistake among consumers about the source of goods or services. This can include using a similar or identical trademark to that of another company, or using a trademark in a way that is outside the scope of the permission granted by the trademark owner.

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Anton Pillar Order

What is Anton Piller Order?
An Anton Piller injunction, also known as an “order for the delivery up of goods” or a “search order,” is a type of civil court order that allows the plaintiff to search the defendant’s premises and seize evidence without prior warning or notice to the defendant.
This type of injunction is often used in cases of suspected intellectual property infringement or breach of confidence, where the plaintiff has evidence that the defendant possesses crucial documents or evidence that are necessary to prove the case. The purpose of an Anton Piller injunction is to prevent the defendant from destroying or removing evidence before it can be seized

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