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What is Letter of Administration?

What Is Letter Of Administration (LA)?
The Letter of Administration (LA) is an official document, in the form of an Order or Declaration, issued in cases where a person passes away without leaving a Will.

The authority to grant the Letter of Administration lies with specific institutions, namely the High Court. These entities possess the legal power to issue the Letter of Administration, which enables the appointed administrator to manage and distribute the deceased person’s estate in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

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When a Will can be contested?

Contesting a will is a relatively common occurrence, arising when individuals express dissatisfaction or discontent with the final testament. Numerous factors can contribute to such challenges.

Nevertheless, challenging a will is not an easy task. Most wills typically undergo probate smoothly, devoid of significant obstacles or disputes. Generally, wills are regarded as the deceased’s final expression of their wishes, with the courts typically adhering strictly to their contents, as the deceased can no longer voice their intentions.

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